Tuna Salad- Nature’s Protein

Did you know that Rye bread is scientifically proven to “stay with you longer.” meaning you will feel full longer with Rye bread than regular wheat.
For a guy with a big appetite who likes to eat small meals 5-6 times a day that works out perfectly for me! This is a quick and easy meal fix for lunches, snacks, or a very tired late night dinner.
4 small cans of tuna (I use chicken of the sea light in water not oil)
5 green onions
1/2 cup Craisins
3 slices of Dill Pickle (I use Clausen sandwich cut, but have also used sweet gherkin for sweeter results)
Mayonaise (I use Hellman’s light)
Green Lettuce
Bread (Rye seeded, unseeded, Pumpernickel…any of these will work I like Pumpernickel for mine
1) Dice your pickles and green onions
2) Drain your tuna!
3) Mix it!
    -In a bowl mix the Tuna chunks, onions, craisins, and pickles
4) add 5 heaping spoonfuls of mayonaise (use reg everyday teaspoon lol not tablespoon!) and whip with a fork until all same consistency.
5) Toast Rye bread of your choice (Marble Rye pictured)
6) add lettuce til heart’s content
And Enjoy!

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