Cellucor C4 Review

Looking to get a kick in the butt from a good pre-workout, I stumbled into my local Muscle Max and asked the guy what he would suggest. The guy came back with “C4 hands down, I use it for everything.” I posed a few more questions just to test the guys general knowledge (See GNC & Vitamin Shoppe Reviews for reasons I would do this) then I promptly went online and did what I always do. I researched the heck out of it. I checked the youtube of course, bodybuilding.com, etc. All of my usual haunts that I gather information about a supplement before testing it out. Here’s the thing…No one is saying anything bad about this product…I hadn’t seen anything other than praises (except from the guys who like that over the top jittery-cracked-out feeling.) So I bought it after a few days of research. I always start with the minimum dose “to assess tolerance.” So that’s what I did, 1 scoop, followed by 1.5, 1.75 and finally max dose 2.

     Mixability- 9/10

     Muscle Max is my preferred local shop and they always give me a sample mixing cup with a screw on lid. I drop a scoop of powder add 4-6 oz. of water and shake a little and it’s good. No clumps in the bottom. I only give it a 9 because at the end you need to rock a little water back to the bottom and then shoot it because some of the powder settles a little if you let it sit.

    Taste- 9/10

     Absolutely Delicious! I got Icy Blue Razz and I swear I’m drinking blue cotton candy. It gets a 9 only because as I drink it my lips start to tingle and get itchy.

     Focus- 6/10

     I felt more focus with other products. In particular Superpump Max I saw much more focus. With Superpump Max I was right there in the gym and everything around me was blocked out. A flaming chicken could’ve run between me and the mirror and I would’ve kept counting and staring. It was just me and the weights. With C4 I didn’t feel as much focus but I was more focused than with nothing. But all in all I liked it a lot better than Superpump Max.

     Effectiveness- 9/10

     This product is very very effective. The Focus is the only thing that was lacking. But I got going with this stuff and had to add 5-10lbs onto every set I was doing. I could lift more day in and day out. Plateaus were completely destroyed and personal records shattered and still pushing forward. I haven’t plateaued yet on this and after every week and a half or so I have to add more weight to every exercise I’m doing. It’s unbelievable. The best thing about this product is that I don’t leave the gym because I’m tired. I leave the gym cause there’s nothing else to do. Previously I would get exhausted after 40-45 minutes. Muscles would be burning and aching and ready to go home. With C4 I stay in the gym anywhere from 1hr -2 hrs with 1.5 being about my average. Nonstop too, I’m not leaning on machines and talking to people I’m switching from weights to weights pretty steadily. After I get pumping the tingly feeling goes away pretty quickly.


      About 15-20 minutes in I would start to feel the tingling sharp itchy feeling. Cellucor C4 is perfect for weightlifting and muscle gaining. No Crash afterwards and No jittery feeling beforehand. It is a very clean feeling energy. Creatine Nitrate is awesome. I don’t like the “water weight” muscles that creatine mono gives you and I haven’t seen as much of those effects with C4. What I have seen are genuine strength gains, muscle gains, and personal records get shattered time and time again. I keep pushing the limit with this stuff. As a side note: I have asthma, not horribly but enough that after I get done working out I am usually short of breath and struggle a little. I keep inhaler in my car and house at all times. My brother also has asthma much much worse than I do. He suffers from asthma attacks and has been on every breathing treatment you can imagine. The first thing he said when we started working out was “I can breathe…this is amazing.” I didn’t notice it until he mentioned it but sure enough I can’t remember the last time I had issues breathing on this stuff. Now obviously everyone’s bodies are different and this could just be me and my brother’s experience, but he was ecstatic because he always has issues breathing and usually has to stop working out long before I do because of it. He immediately went out and bought a tub of C4 at our local Muscle Max.

Keep putting out groundbreaking supplements Cellucor. C4 has made me a happy customer and because of it I will also be reviewing SuperHD after a decent trial period.

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